Demo Reel

Highlights from all of Matt's animation

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Breaking Bad/Star Trek Spec script

Commissioned by Vulture to create an animation based off the audio from the Breaking Bad episode where two stoners discuss their ridiculous idea for a Star Trek script.

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Justin's Glory Days - My Brother, My Brother, and Me

Interstitial animations for the television version of the popular podcast "My Brother, My Brother, and Me" on SeeSo. The flashback scenes were designed by Matt and used to enhance the Justin's flashback to a time that clearly never existed.

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Angelo De Augustine - Haze

The official music video for Angelo De Augustine's song, Haze. Produced for Ashmatic Kitty Records

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Animated Stories - Kate McKinnon "I'm a Crazy Bitch"

Animated Stories was a live show at the UCB Theater in NY where people would tell funny stories and then have them animated for next month's show. This is a short vingette of stories told by Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon and her tendancy to go overboard in simple interactions.

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I'll Never Eat Fast Food After Watching This Video!

Produced with the comedy team VexVideo for UCB Comedy. The video suggests that you go vegan not because it hurts animals, but because the animals are actually big old jerks

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Eat That Toast

Online comic started in 2010

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Moster Greaser

Original characters

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Buncha Nerds

Original Characters

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Del Close Marathon 18

Official poster for the Del Close Marathon in 2016

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Strong Bird

Original Character

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Giant Woman

Steven Universe and Opal

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Happy Birthday Daddio

Bullwinkle, 2015

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Harold Night

Matt performs improv with his team, Moose on Tuesdays at the UCB Theater in New York

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